Save Money with the Top Student Discount Cards in UK

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Save Money with the Top Student Discount Cards in UK

Everyday life isn’t getting cheaper. First social groups that notices this are usually youth and students.

If you one of us — don’t worry. There are multiple ways to reduce your expenses using student discount stores. For example student discount cards.

– Student / NUS Cards

Cost: Free

NUS card is a bread and butter of student discount tips. It’t totally free and handed to you as soon as you enroll at University. Though it’s basically your student identity card it can be really helpful at times. So don’t be surprised when you buy a pint at your local pub with reduced price.


– NUS Extra (UK)

Cost: £12

This one is №1 among the students because of crazy opportunities it provides. Spend 12 pounds and save at least 500 over the course of the year. In addition to that, you can always expect to stumble upon some cool offers from Amazon and Apple.

– NUS with ISIC

Cost: £14.99
Absolutely same features as previous one plus discounts good special oofers if you’re going abroad. Imagine you take a trip to France or Spain in summer and save 30% on average on hotel booking and tickets. Seems not bad right?

– International Student Identity Card


Cost: £12

As you may expect, this card also know as ISIC gives all the kind of different discount offers(42,000) abroad. More than 129 countries is enough almost for everyone. Consider buying it if you’re going to spend a lot of time outside of UK.

– UNiDAYs (UK, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia)


Cost: Free

Not a traditional student card because of non-existence in physical form. Unidays in new online discount card that gives you a chance of saving good chunk at stores like ASOS, URBAN. Give it a try if you think of buying something expensive.

We really hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you ever find yourself lost when seek for money saving tricks go to student discounts uk. Other useful part of which worth taking a look is student discounts directory.


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