Tips on How to Save Money with Outlet Mall Shopping

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Tips on How to Save Money with Outlet Mall Shopping

Tips on How to Save Money with Outlet Mall Shopping

If you’re a diehard shopper who diligently keeps an eye out for bargain deals and makes it a point to get the optimum ROI, might be aware that the concept of shopping in ‘outlet mall’ has underwent a sea-change. Outlet malls in the good old days used to be situated far away from the heart of the city or town and offered almost the entire merchandise at discounted prices. The retailer or seller right away admitted that the items on sale were of inferior quality and the buyer knew that lower the price of an item, the more inferior its quality.

Nowadays, outlet malls definitely look plushier than the warehouse superstore of yesteryear but are definitely not as upscale or sleek as the up-market retail stores in a supermarket or shopping arcade. You can still go bargain hunting in these new-fangled outlet malls with the usual aplomb that you onceused to in warehouse stores but you need to exercise a greater degree of caution. You’ll find factory seconds and off-season offers on clothes, electronicgoods, sports items, FMCGs, and almost anything you’re looking for.

However, bear in mind that the line differentiating good deal from value shopping is extremely thin and subtle. You could get unwittingly caught in the trap where you jump with glee for having paid a pittance but ultimately end up buying products of abysmal quality that are of no use. Apprise yourself on the lowdown and tips of how to save your hard-earned money the next time you dash to an outlet mall in quest of ‘best-buy’ offers.

Tips on How to Save Money with Outlet Mall Shopping

Figure Out The Different Types

You need to realize that outlet stores sell merchandise at rock-bottom prices (apparently speaking) and still manage to make a profit! So, the question that automatically arises in your mind is ‘Is the price tag displaying 70% off or 50% discount on M.R.P. really makes for a handsome deal?’ After all, the seller or manufacturer is retailing with a profit-motive and not for the sake of charity.

There are broadly four types of outlet malls- actual outlet malls that stock items that were specifically meant to be sold via such shopping centers; factory or seconds-shops where goods sold have basic design flaws but look almost like items meant for retail stores; retail outlets that set up shop in outlet malls but offer items at marked-down prices, and revamp stores that retail products that are ‘nearly original’ or ‘brand new’.

Have a Budget in Place

Since stores in outlet malls offer an exciting and near endless array of goods, you might get easily carried away and end up shopping much beyond your prescribed limit. Hence, it is imperative that you set or fix a ‘ceiling limit’ on the amount you’re planning to expend without breaking the bank. And perhaps the best way of doing so is to withdraw the prescribed amount using your debit card and heading home straightaway the moment you run out of cash.

Compare and Contrast Prices Online First

What you see is not always what you get. Most outlet malls you visit will tag their merchandise with labels proclaiming huge discounts. However, if you happen to check the online shops of the outlet stores, you’ll be surprised to discover that the same or even lower rebates are being offered on the websites. Using a smartphone app like RedLaser or ShopSavvy for inspecting the bar code will give you a concrete idea of whether you’re actually getting the full discount that the tag claims to offer.

A good way to take advantage of bargain offers is to sign up for an online outlet shopping community. Once you subscribe to become a member of such an online club, you receive a free newsletter as well as regular updates and notifications on special sales as well as coupons.

Don’t Forget to Check Prices On the Website of the Outlet Mall

Make it a point to log into the website or portal of the outlet mall before rushing to its brick-and-mortar division or section. Surfing the site will let you know in detail as to which shops are running promo sales and giving away hefty rebates on their wares. If you’re lucky enough, you might even be able to download coupons that are still valid.

Shopping Far Away from Home May Turn Out to Be More Costly

A good majority of the outlet malls are located far away from the city center and for good reasons. Renting real estate in the suburban areas is certainly cheaper than hiring space for a mall in the city proper. Additionally, promoters of such outlet malls are cognizant of the fact that shoppers looking for good deals will surely keep the better part of the day browsing through items displayed at the mall if the same is situated far away from the city limits.

The seasoned shopper will factor in the expenses incurred in terms of fuel cost, parking fee, and course the time spent in getting to the location. In order to make good the sunk costs, they’ll try to make the most out of their day trip and in the event spend way beyond the permissible limit.

Visit the Retail Store Before Heading to an Outlet Mall

More often than not, retail stores provide discounts on a wide variety of items that are comparable or even identical to those offered at outlet malls. And you can take it for granted that the quality will be much better. Additionally, you won’t even have to sift through all the lots to find the best buys as retail shops display wares that are instantly or readily noticeable. Also, keep the aspect of return policy in your mind.

Cut Corners By Retreating to the Corners

Contrary to what you might think, the clearance racks are almost always tucked away in the corners at the back of the shops. So, you’d need to look beyond the eye-catching displays if you want to spot the bargain racks hidden discreetly from view.


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