How to Get a Student Discount at Amazon

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  • December 29, 2015
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How to Get a Student Discount at Amazon

Amazon has some great support and money saving ideas for students with its exclusive deals available to holders of the National Union of Students Card.

You can purchase your NUS Extra card if you are studying full time or part time and you are over 16 years old. No upper age limit applies. The purchase cost of the card is negligible when you look at discounts made available to cardholders.

Amazon UK offers student discounts for NUS Extra cards with some great deals on its Amazon UK site. To go shopping on this site, you have to go to the NUS Extra website and find the Amazon link for the student discount code.

Once you have that code, you can go to the Amazon UK site and go shopping. You enter the code only the first time and from then all your purchases are discounted. For Amazon student online shoppers, you get a free trial of Amazon Prime for six months. For that period, you get free two-day shipping and some exclusive deals and promotions.

In addition to the student discount offers, Amazon UK advertises its daily and weekly deals. These are available to all Amazon shoppers. The daily deal goes from midnight to midnight on an announced day, and the weekly one goes from Monday to Sunday.

When looking for these deals, go to the Amazon voucher site and check out what is on offer for the day or the week. You click on the voucher and then add that coupon to your shopping cart. The discount is applied at the checkout point. Just remember, the discount applies only to the lowest priced item in your shopping cart if you have bought multiple vouchered items.

It seems not a lot of people, and particularly students are aware of how to get a student discount on Amazon. Even fewer people know about the Amazon vouchers and coupons available on daily and weekly deals.