Amazon Referral Programme for Student

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  • December 29, 2015
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Amazon Referral Programme for Student

There are some Amazon programmes that you can take advantage of and from which you can make some rather good savings for purchases over a year. The discounts and vouchers and the daily and weekly deals are just the tip of the iceberg in the overall benefits available through Amazon UK.
Students are particularly well looked after with Amazon’s NUS Extra Code and Voucher purchasing programme. In addition, they are able to join Amazon Prime for six months free before paying just 50% of the annual Prime membership fee. Money saved on free shipping, discount vouchers and other advertised deals can be quite significant if a student customer does a lot of purchasing on the Amazon UK website.

It would be rather selfish not to share such tremendous savings with your mates. The Amazon student referral programme is an excellent way to involve your friends as well. When you refer a friend to become an Amazon Student it doesn’t cost them extra and you can be upfront about the benefits that you will receive as a result. It’s a bit like ‘I scratch your back and you scratch mine’.

A few things to remember when you refer a friend to Amazon Student is that the person should not have been an Amazon member before in any format. They will be a new member and not an existing or returning member in Amazon Family, Amazon Prime or Amazon Student. Once you have convinced your friend to join, they have to click on your link and go through the Amazon Student signup process. Pretty simple.

The way it works is that you receive credits to your account from Amazon each time your referred friend shops there, and these credits can be used to get a better discount on your purchases. The whole Amazon Student Refer a friend programme can become like ripples in a pond if you friend then thinks it’s a splendid idea and invites other friends to Amazon Student.
Let’s face it, being a student and probably not earning any money during a 4-year course can make life rather severe at times. It’s great to see Amazon UK is able to support anyone during a time when the money is tight. Amazon Student builds on the Amazon NUS Extra system and the Amazon Student Referral Programme is that last dollop of cream on the pie.